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Amf.com – AMF Bowling Alleys, the Largest Bowling Chain in the US

Amf.com – AMF Bowling Alleys, the Largest Bowling Chain in the US


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Bowling is one of those great family pastimes that are fun for almost all ages, and it can be fun even for those with some health problems or for the older generation. From preschoolers to the elderly, bowling is a great way to get some mild exercise while spending quality time with family and friends. There are many yearly, monthly, and weekly tournament events or competitions for those hoping for competition as well.

AMF Bowling Center is the largest bowling alley chain in the United States, with locations in many different states. The reason that they are so popular is that they work hard to give each visitor a pleasant experience, whether they are there for a special event, tournament, game with family/friends, or experiencing bowling for the first time.

About AMF Bowling Center

This customer-friendly brand name has been around since 1946, when the first automated pin spotters were released for public enjoyment. Most have facilities that are appropriate for a casual game, group tournament, bowling league event, birthday party, and much more, in addition to family-friendly atmosphere and helpful customer service. At present, there are nearly 300 AMF Bowling Center locations in the United States, employing 10,000 people roughly. AMF has been involved with a diverse list of charitable and community organizations, like the Special Olympics, the American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, VCU Massey Cancer Center, Blue for Kids, MDA, etc.

How to Find an AMF Location near You


  • Computer with reliable Internet access
  • Location, including city, state, and/or zip code, of desired location

Step-by-step Instructions:

  • Visit AMF’s homepage at www.amf.com
  • Find the search box on the right side of the page and enter the city, state, and/or zip code of the location desired and click search. For a complete listing, click on “View Map of All Locations.”
  • Review list to find a location near that area or widen the search radius to find a location if none is available using the given information. Click on “Update Search” to look for more locations using the new parameters.

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  1. AMF is a pretty good site. They spent a little more time on design than functionality in my opinion, but still great work. Easy to find the bowling lanes in just a few steps.

  2. My family has been going to AMF bowling lanes my whole life. Just wanted to say that love their website and that their service is fantastic here in OH.

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