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AutomotiveTouchup.com – DIY Automotive Touch Up Paint and Accessories

AutomotiveTouchup.com – DIY Automotive Touch Up Paint and Accessories

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Little things happen to scratch, scrape, scuff, or otherwise damage the paint on our vehicles, and it can be very frustrating. Sometimes the answer lies in a can of touchup paint, but you cannot simply walk into any paint store and use the paint purchased to touchup your vehicle.

Whether you are planning to spray paint large areas or simply want to do some minor detail work, special paint is the key to keeping your car looking fabulous. OEM-approved paint is available from Automotive Touchup online. In addition to paint, they also offer the other tools required for these projects, such as sandpaper, instruction kits, paint codes and charts, and more.

About Automotive Touchup

This company was founded on the belief that vehicle owners should never have to pay outrageous amounts to do touchups to the paint job. In the beginning, they offered 60,000 OEM colors, but they presently offer 300,000 OEM and custom color combinations. The paint comes with a special brush to make the job easier and instructions are available upon request.

Instructions for Touchup Paint Purchase


  1. Computer with access to the Internet to log on to www.automotivetouchup.com.
  2. Basic knowledge of make, model, year, and desired color.


  1. Start by selecting a year for the vehicle.
  2. Choose the make of the vehicle.
  3. Choose the model of the vehicle to be painted.
  4. Click “Search.”
  5. Choose the color that the vehicle will be painted. In most cases this is the color that the vehicle currently sports, but other colors may be chosen if desired.
  6. Click “Choose Your Color.”
  7. Choose the size of the paint purchase, such as ½ oz bottle, 12 oz aerosol spray paint, ½ oz paint pen, and so on. Enter the quantity in the appropriate box.
  8. Click “Add to Cart.”
  9. Choose optional items if desired and click “Add to Cart” or click “No Thanks.”
  10. Enter your zip code and click “Check Out.”
  11. Enter billing and shipping information to receive confirmation code and finalize transaction. You can use a debit or credit card to make the payment and choose the appropriate address for shipping and billing.

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