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BodeTree.com- Financial Tool To Help Small Businesses Grow

BodeTree.com- Financial Tool To Help Small Businesses Grow

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If you are a small business owner you know that there are many times that you get bogged down with the numbers game. Sometimes Quickbooks is just not enough and can be very overwhelming in determining if your business is ready to take that next step.

BodeTree.com is a great financial tool for business owners who need a clear and straight forward approach to their business financials. This financial tool helps you improve company performance and make better company decisions. It will compare your company to your competition, generate a company overview report and determine your company’s worth. BodeTree connects to your Quickbooks and streamlines the information so it is simple and easy to work with.

BodeTree is affordable for businesses with start-up budgets. Just $250 for the year or $24.99 a month.

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