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Kanvess.com- Prints Of Your Instagram Photos

Kanvess.com- Prints Of Your Instagram Photos

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With Instagram turning everyone into a professional artistic photographer. It’s time to showcase your work in non digital realms. More like the physical realm. Yes, I mean printing your Instagram photos. Holding them in your hand, sharing them with your friends. Most of all freeing those great photos from the confines of your phone and plunging them into many creative possibilities.

Kanvess.com does just this. It easily connects with your Insagram account allowing you to see a layout of all your photos. Then just go along and click on the ones you want to print and the quantity. Very straight forward. Each print comes as a 3×3 square and only costs $.25 for each print. Also if you order 100 or more prints shipping is free.

Once you get your prints, the sky is the limit with what you do with them.

Overall, the concept is great, the site is inexpensive and easy to use. Kanvess.com is definitely a must try.

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