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www.MySubwayCard.com – Activate or Manage Your MySubwayCard Online

www.MySubwayCard.com – Activate or Manage Your MySubwayCard Online

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Subway is the healthy fast food. Instead of eating junk that makes the body unhealthy, customers are able to eat healthy, but have the convenience of fast food. Since, Subway makes for a healthier meal, why wouldn’t customers want to delve into some of the benefits of getting a Subway card?

Not only are Subway gift cards a great birthday, Christmas, or other special holiday gift idea, but they also are able to be registered online to get other great benefits. Customers can use their gift card balance, bank points, add more money to their card, and receive great offers.

About the Subway Card

When subway lovers purchase the exclusive subway card, they get a multitude of benefits. These benefits include:
• Getting special offers on your receipt, but only when you are a cardholder
• Loading and reloading money onto your card easily
• Never worrying about fees or expiration dates
• Customers can register their cards online and receive even more benefits.

Registering your card at SUBWAY gives customers the chance to enjoy even more benefits such as:
• Getting news and personalized offers sent directly to their email or phone
• Gettind points to redeem on their favorite food.
• Online account management of cards.
• Protection from lost or stolen cards

With so many great benefits, getting a Subway card is well worth it.

How to Get a Subway Card Step by Step Guide:
1. Go to mysubwaycard.com
2. Click on get a card
3. Select location (USA or Canada)
4. Select gift card image
5. Fill in information and gift card amount
6. Add gift card to cart, purchase and wait for delivery

How to Register a Subway Card Step by Step Guide
1. Go to mysubwaycard.cm
2. Click on register a card
3. Fill in information
4. Hit submit

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One Comment

  1. I have tried several times to register my Subway Rewards card, my security on my computer don’t like me to go on that sight. Here is what it says.
    “This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content.”
    Please advise or update.

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